Keevitatud silindrid

Welded cylinders with accessible prices, is suitable for the mobile sector or for applications which do not present cyclical fatigue stress.
The choice of selected materials, the severe controls of 100% of all cylinders produced and the quality of the means of production, allows us to reach high standards of quality, reliability and enduring product performance.

Võimalused ja tehnilised andmed

  • Nominal pressure 14 MPa
  • Maximum pressure 21 MPa
  • Bore 40-100 mm
  • Stroke up to 4000 mm
  • Single or double rod
  • 2 rod diameter per bore
  • 6 mounting styles
  • 3 versions of rod mounting styles


Peamised variandid:

CE series 1

Silinder CE seeria

Tehnilised andmed

CL series 1

Silinder CL seeria

Tehnilised andmed